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How to become a
professional DJ

* All classes are taught at the Raw Dog home recording studio in Leander, TX. 

Introduction - Free (one hour)

This is the place to begin.  In this class, you will learn about the gear needed, how to make it all work, where to get music, choosing your style, and what to expect in the "life of a DJ".

It may seem glamorous to a lot of people but being a DJ takes a lot of discipline, knowledge, and time.  

Let's Get It Started - $25/hr

This is the meat and potatoes of being a DJ.  You'll learn setting up, tearing down, DJ software training, microphone skills, creating playlists, reading your crowd,  beatmixing and when to use it, and so much more.  You will also learn how and where to advertise and how to start and grow your business.

This usually takes 4 to 6 sessions (each session is one hour)

The Next Level - $35/hr (ongoing)

This is probably the class you really want to get to!  This is where we teach how to beatmix to perfection.  A lot of gear now-a-days does this automatically for you but it's based on formulas and algorithms.  As a performing DJ, you need to read the crowd in order to choose the right song with the right break and know when to come in with it in order to make everyone go nuts!  It's an art and it needs to be crafted.  We'll teach you how to practice and give you some tips and tricks on taking it to the next level.

What type of DJ are you!

Determining what type of DJ you want to be is the first and most important step.

There are many different types of DJs:







You can choose to be one or all of these but you have to be willing to take it one step at a time.

Becoming a DJ can be the most rewarding choice you might ever make.  There's just no comparison to the feeling of having hundreds, if not thousands, of people dancing and responding to... you!


There's a lot of pressure and discipline that comes with that but when done right, you can become a great experience for people to remember for the rest of their lives.

These classes will prepare you for entering the world of entertainment and how to make your business grow.


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